About BSAE

What is BSAE?

BSAE is an exclusive network of ‘Association Executives’: association directors/managers and executive directors (e.g. managing director, executive chairman) of professional and trade associations, who join BSAE in a personal capacity.

Well-educated, dynamic and inspiring association executives perform an important role within their organisation. As executive professionals they are first of all responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organisation (‘management’), but they also play a key role in relation to the policy-making bodies such as the General Meeting and the Board of Directors (‘governance’).

What does BSAE do?

BSAE is dedicated to promoting the awareness, advancement and recognition of the profession of association manager and of association management in general.

BSAE brings together association executives to gain new insights, to exchange experiences, and to learn from each other. BSAE meet-ups are organised on a quarterly basis. These are members-only meetings in an informal setting at which high-level topics introduced through a number of eye-openers and/or by an expert speaker, are addressed. Topics covered include: governance, financing, competition law, new business models, member bonding, etc.

The BSAE Academy offers a wide range of master classes and courses for association professionals and staff.

Who is BSAE?

Today, BSAE reaches out to more than 300 member association managers.

The board consists of:

  • Marc Mestdagh, Managing Director BSAE
  • Jurgen Plyson (Association Manager BeAPP - Belgian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine Professionals)
  • Werner Annaert (General Director GO4Circle – Federation of circular economy)
  • David Nassen (Director ISB vzw - Flemish Institute for Sport Management and Recreation Policy)
  • Heidi Lenaerts (Account manager FLUX50 – membership organisation that helps Flanders gain international recognition as a Smart Energy Region)
  • Wouter Van Gulck (Director Belgian Chambers - Belgian Chambres Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce)
  • Joris Vandersteene (Director at VOV - Assocation for Education & Training Managers)


Community Magazine is a trade journal for and about association management and the association professional. BSAE members receive the journal as part of their membership.

Non-BSAE members can also receive Community Magazine. An annual subscription costs €60 (excl. 21% VAT). 



  • Go4Circle zoekt nieuwe Algemene Directeur (m/v)

    Go4Circle is de bedrijfsfederatie van de circulaire economie in België. De federatie telt meer dan 200 privaatrechtelijke bedrijven als lid, met een gemeenschappelijke tewerkstelling van meer dan 8000 mensen en een jaaromzet van meer dan 3 miljard euro omzet. Haar kantoor is gevestigd in Brussel, vlak aan het Atomium. De federatie zoekt een nieuwe Algemene Directeur.

  • Comeos zoekt twee juridisch adviseurs in sociaal recht: een junior en een medior/senior.

    Comeos zoekt twee juridisch adviseurs in sociaal recht: een junior en een medior/senior. Enkele taken die ze zullen opnemen: lidbedrijven helpen met hun arbeidsrechtelijke vragen en hun sociale relaties, informeren over nieuwigheden in deze materies, persoonlijk advies geven, deelnemen aan de sociale dialoog in de paritaire comités van de handel en diensten, ...